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Bill Kniegge

April 2008

Blue Strada Tours announces Moto Gourmet Tuscany

For anyone who has a love of Italian food and wine, and riding fantastic motorcycle roads, Blue Strada Tours ( has just announced their Moto Gourmet Tuscany tour. The date is set for June 14-June 21. Bill Kniegge of Blue Strada Tours has teamed up with Steve and Laura Schmalhorst of Vagabond Gourmet to offer this unique adventure that combines the excitement of the open road with the culinary delights of Tuscany. Tour guests will stay at a fabulous villa in the heart of Tuscany and, among other things, be treated to food and wine tastings, food-related tours, hands-on cooking classes, and the opportunity to ride some of the most scenic roads in Italy on a state-of the art touring motorcycle. Expert guidance in both the kitchen and on the twisty roads is, of course, provided.

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