Controls integrated into one system, with customized programming specific to the unique needs of facility, can reap the following benefits:

  1. Single User Interface

¨ No more visiting multiple computer systems

  1. Energy Savings

¨ Controls programming that conditions air volume that meets the needs of the space

¨ Free cooling when outside temperature and humidity permits

¨ Quicker reaction to shifts in system performance

  1. Lower Labor Costs

¨ Streamlined operations

¨ No need to learn and manage multiple systems

  1. Improved Response Time

¨ Real-time alerts and timely correction

¨ Mobile monitoring and access

¨ Remote diagnostics

  1. Data Collection

¨ Single point of collection

¨ Facilitates better decision making

  1. Compatible Software and Devices

¨ Based on Tridium “open” system

¨ Flexibility in vendor and manufacturer choice

¨ Scalable for future upgrade or expansion

  1. Multiple Sites

¨ Can include multiple buildings or multiple sites