Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide motorcycling enthusiasts with a unique experience that takes their enjoyment of the sport and riding skills to new heights. Blue Strada Tours strives to deliver to each tour guest the value, service and hospitality that will exceed expectations – no matter the circumstances of the day.

Bill Kniegge

About the Owner:
Bill Kniegge

Start with someone who has been enamored with motorcycles since the age of 12, add in an extensive professional background in the motorcycle and hospitality industry, finish it off with a love of exploring places somewhat off the beaten path, and you have the recipe for a person destined to start a company like Blue Strada Tours.

Riding motorcycles has been a part of Bill’s life as early as an adventurous young boy back in his hometown of Davenport, Iowa. His first motorcycle was not a motorcycle at all, but a Whizzer Sportsman with a belt drive and no gearbox. The Whizzer lit up Bill’s life and as a result, motorcycles, racing, and riding have been his passion for the last 50+ years.

Throughout his life, the motorcycle industry presented Bill with exciting career opportunities. Executive marketing positions with Husqvarna Motorcycles, Bell Helmets, and ATK Motorcycles allowed him to do something he loved while earning a living. Like any successful person who enjoys a challenge, Bill eventually wanted to branch out and try something on his own. Along with two other partners, Bill launched not one, but two new companies—MCM Engine Technologies and Moto Sport Panniers. Both businesses were very specialized and gave him the chance to develop a market for new high performance, environmentally friendly engine technology and exceptional quality touring luggage.

It was while he lived in Southern California that Bill became known for organizing fun and exciting tours. The tours were to such places as Laguna Seca in Monterey, California to see the best road races in the USA and Indianapolis, Indiana to take in the only F1 race held in the United States. After he and his wife, Debbie, moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, exploring the Southeast and once again organizing rides seemed like the natural thing for this motorcycle enthusiast to do; the fantastic roads, scenery, and Southern hospitality were too good not to share.

Share the passion. Blue Strada Tours may well be the ultimate riding adventure to all who like to experience something unique—something you will want to repeat.