Open systems deliver maximum flexibility

We believe in Open controls systems where the controllers share a common communication protocol and the front-end is openly-licensed. This allows you  freedom of choice in building controls vendors, provides flexibility to support future additions and upgrades, and offers a multitude of cost-saving options.

A Viable Path to Integration

Whether you need to make multiple building controls systems communicate with each other or are ready to upgrade to newer, more user-friendly technology, our team of engineers and controls technicians can integrate the existing controls from different manufacturers—such as Barber-Coleman, Trane, Johnson Controls, Carrier, and Siemens–into one centralized building management system that offers you the ultimate in efficiency, flexibility and cost savings.

Time to Review Your Controls Setup If:

There are a number of reasons why bringing United Mechanical in to review your current CONTROLS set up is a great idea:

  • Your building has gone through some modifications over the years
  • You are not sure how the controls operate
  • You have a proprietary controls system and only one vendor can work on it
  • Your system has not been recalibrated for some time
  • You are running outdated software
  • You don’t have a graphic interface
  • Your graphics are not functioning properly
  • You don’t get “real-time” alerts
  • You don’t have mobile monitoring and access


Single User Interface

  • No more visiting multiple computer systems

Energy Savings

  • Quicker reaction to shifts in system performance

Lower Labor Costs

  • Streamlined operations
  • No need to learn and manage multiple systems

Improved Response Time

  • Real-time alerts and timely correction
  • Mobile monitoring and access
  • Remote diagnostics

Data Collection

  • Single point of collection
  • Facilitates better decision making

Compatible Software and Devices

  • Based on Tridium “open” system
  • Flexibility in vendor/manufacturer choice
  • Scalable for future upgrade or expansion

Multiple Sites

  • Can include multiple buildings or multiple sites

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